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The Walkway of Valor is located in front of the Chaplains and Medical Corps monuments.  
It is a pentagon shaped area paved with bricks containing inscriptions.  Inscribed on each
brick is the name of one of the Iwo Jima Survivors.  Here is a list of those names.  We
would like to make contact with each Survivor or their family.  We hope to place a photo
of each brick here along with profiles of each Survivors.  Any messages that you would
like to post can be included.  Please contact SOS for more information.
    William E. Alexander

    Christos Alexion

    Adolph A. Alla

    Charles J. Allen

         Lou Amodio

       William Andras

       Dwight Atwater

    Arnold W. Bahder

    James E. Baize

    William A. Bain

    Frank A. Baker

    Russell Barrowman

    Aldo Bartolucci

    Ivan Bassett

    Robert Baustien

    Alfred D. Bauer

    Franklin Beattie

    Frank W. Bedard

    Robert E. Bedard

    Edward Begley

    Thomas H. Begay

    Edmund J. Belmont

    Peter Bembenci

    Bruce Benway

    Daniel Benwell

    Robert B. Berger

    Judge Wm Bieluch

    George J. Bienkowski

    Peter Phil Biondo

    Harry Bishop

    Matthew L. Blakely

    Frank W. Bedard

    Francis Callahan

    Peter Christman

    Alfred Cialfi

    James Cleary
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